WooCommerce is popular e-commerce plugin for Wordpress. As you may know, It has a huge community that you can depend on for plugins and support.


An integration always has two sides. You need to create a sales channel in your Cottoncast account. And your WooCommerce store needs our plugin.

Create sales channel

Keep the tab open. You will need the Channel ID and Secret in the next step.

Install plugin


You can download and install the plugin via your WooCommerce store's admin.

Download plugin


The plugin can also be installed and maintained using composer.

composer require cottoncast/woocommerce

Don't forget to activate the plugin.

Configure plugin

You will need the channel ID and secret from the created sales channel in the previous step.Goto Settings > Sales channels in your CottonCast account. Select the sales channel for your store.

Configure cottoncast plugin

Goto settings > Cottoncast in your WooCommerce store.

You will see at least these settings:




Should match channel ID


Should match secret

Order endpoint


Config endpoint


That's it. You are done. Your shop and our system are now talking to each other.

Bugs & Features

The plugin is publicly maintained at Github. If you have found any bugs or want to request a feature you can do so on Github.

Common issues


Make sure to disable WP_CRON and use a proper cronjob.

PHP Limits

Our plugin downloads images and processes them. That takes some time, memory and computing power. Make sure the plugin does not hit any limits.

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